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Weddings at The Divine Mercy Cathedral Church

The Divine Mercy Cathedral Church is a beautiful historical setting for weddings. Marriage in our Church is defined as the Celebration of a Sacramental union between a man and a woman. We take weddings very seriously and conform to the tenets and canons of The Old Catholic Church. These are available for your review on a separate link of this website. 

Weddings at the Divine Mercy Cathedral Church

We are delighted that you are considering the Divine Mercy Cathedral Church for the celebration of your marriage. Weddings are both serious and joyous. The sacramental invocation of God’s blessing on a holy union is a powerful testimony and witness to God’s love.

Here are some details to consider as you begin the planning process.

(Please note: The remarriage of divorced people requires documentation of the divorce and the permission of our Bishop. Please note that the wedding must not be publicized before we have received the Bishop’s approval).

Fees and Other Details

The celebration of a marriage is an act of the priest and congregation, and a sacrament of the Church – there is no fee for the sacrament. A stipend of $500.00 to the Divine Mercy Cathedral Discretionary Fund is required. This serves to cover the time and work in marriage preparation conversations, the rehearsal, sermon preparation, and the access / use of the premises. This stipend should be presented at the last pre-marriage consultation, placed in a clearly marked envelope to the attention of the Pastor.

Couples who are not currently members of the Divine Mercy Cathedral Parish are encouraged to attend the Divine Mercy Parish on a trial basis to help determine if they feel compatible with the expectations of our Church's beliefs and practices.  Couples will be required to become formal members of our parish community if they wish to be married within our Church. 

The Pastor or the Associate Pastor of the Divine Mercy Cathedral Church will be the Officiant of the wedding; other ministers (including those of other faiths and/or denominations) may be invited to participate with the approval of the Bishop.

All Weddings

The Divine Mercy Cathedral Church has a functioning historic pipe organ. Use of the organ and a customary “bench fee’ is typically $300.00. It may vary depending on the music selected. An alternative is having access to the church's  digital hymnal, which is covered by the $500.00 discretionary fund stipend.

Flowers / Decorations

Flowers and decorations for the Altar and Sanctuary are optional and are considered the responsibility of the marital couple. Selections must be approved by the Pastor. Artificial flowers are never appropriate. Bulletins (printed programs) may be provided by the church, for which there is a $100.00 fee, or by a printer of your choice.


Of course you will want to record this special day on film. However, please keep in mind that the Celebration of a Marriage is a sacrament of the Church. Therefore the following guidelines apply:

1. Absolutely no flash photography at any time during the service.

2. A photographer may take non-flash photos at any time during the service, but it is advised that discretion is
required – i.e., limited movement, non-intrusiveness.

3. If you wish a video of the service: One camera may be placed at the rear of the church, which will capture most of the service. A second may be used (and moved) but again – unobtrusively and with no artificial lighting.

4. The photographer must meet with the Pastor not later than one week prior to the wedding to discuss the above and logistics.

5. Photos (flash and non-flash) may also be taken up to 30 minutes after the service.


The Pastor will provide appropriate music guidelines. In general, remember that this is a service of the Church – hymns will generally be from the Hymnal 1982 or other approved hymnals. Special music requests may or may not be met. All music will be approved by the Pastor in conjunction with the marital couple.

The Service and Readings

The service will be from the Lectionary of the Church, Sacred Scripture and other supplements related to the marital sacramental rite of the Old Catholic Church. If you wish to have something personal (such as a poem or a reading written by a family member or from another source), please ask the Pastor before making the commitment. This is an opportunity to bring more people into the celebration – consider asking family or friends to read the lessons.


It is expected that a rehearsal be held not later than 24 hours prior to the service itself. In attendance will be: the marriage couple; witnesses (Best Man/Maid or Matron of Honor); attendants; acolyte(s); Musicians; Readers.

All couples are expected to meet with the Pastor a minimum of three times prior to the wedding rehearsal. This is so that the Pastor can get to know you, so that marriage issues can be discussed, and to assist the Pastor in developing the confidence that the marriage should proceed with the blessing of the Church.



For more information, please contact:

The Divine Mercy Cathedral Church

400 East Walker Street

St. Johns, Michigan 48859

(989) 292-4292