Are you sad, anxious or otherwise distressed? Are you struggling with how to best achieve lasting happiness? Please call our office for an initial consultation without obligation. We provide comprehensive psychological services. We can work with your personal care physician in an effort to positively coordinate your care.  We serve all ages and accept most insurance plans.

Have you had less than a satisfying counseling experience? Place your psychological care in the hands of the best. Dr. Drozd’s abilities have received consistent positive recognition at the local, state and national levels. Let his 40 years of clinical experience work for you! Our offices provide comprehensive psychological care. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Dr. Drozd has collaborated with the Michigan Learning Community and the Michigan Primary Care Association on the facilitation of integrated behavioral and physical healthcare across the State. He has partnered closely with physicians and specialty care providers utilizing best-practice treatment of psychological and physical health concerns.

Dr. Drozd has the distinction of serving as a national psychological consultant on behalf of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, Washington, DC. He is eminently recognized for his clinical skills in assessing and treating at-risk individuals and for his many statewide and national presentations on suicide prevention and intervention. Our offices provide comprehensive psychological care. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans.

Dr. Drozd has extensive experience screening for the presence of a variety of psychological concerns across the developmental lifespan including: cognitive impairment, dementia, neuropsychological and personality functioning, depression, anxiety, and childhood disorders like autism, attention deficit, oppositional defiant and conduct disorders. Our offices also provide comprehensive psychological follow up. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans.

Depression is a leading mental health concern across our country, affecting adults as well as children. Approximately 25 to 30 percent of Americans struggle with symptoms of depression at some point in their lives. Depression has a range of causes and is a very treatable condition with personally tailored psychological therapy and proper medical care when indicated. Our offices provide comprehensive psychological treatment. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans.

Dr. Drozd has experience treating a wide range of co-occurring conditions. He has presented on this topic and helped clinical practices become co-occurring treatment capable. A co-occurring condition is where an individual may experience psychological distress accompanied by one of a range of addictive behaviors. Our offices provide comprehensive psychological treatment. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans, including SPHN, Medicare and Medicaid.

Dealing with personal losses or trauma in a timely manner through professional psychological therapy can reduce the potential of developing persistent depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder. Treating mental or emotional distress early promotes relief and often eliminates the need for long term and expensive follow up. Our offices provide comprehensive psychological treatment. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans, including SPHN & PHP.

Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity and Learning Disorders complicate the lives of many children, adults and families. There is a unique DRUG-FREE option to successfully deal with the full range of the behavioral difficulties associated with these conditions. We invite you to call and schedule an informational consultation. Our offices provide comprehensive psychological treatment. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans, including SPHN & PHP.

Problems with panic disorder, generalized anxiety and obsessive-compulsive symptoms affect many people. Treating these conditions with medications may improve functioning by as much as 70%. However, we typically see relapse rates as high as 90%. Studies support that positive behavioral treatment tends to be more effective in the long term. Our offices provide comprehensive psychological treatment. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans.

Research shows that the timely application of Critical Incident Stress Debriefing following a traumatic event can prevent the development of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Dr. Drozd has been trained by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation in techniques, which can effectively help individuals deal with the impact of trauma. Our offices provide comprehensive psychological treatment. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans.

About 15 million people experience depression each year. The majority of them are women. Unfortunately, nearly two-thirds of those women do not get the help they need. Depression in women is very common. In fact, women are twice as likely to develop clinical depression as men. As many as one out of every four women is likely to experience an episode of major depression at some point in life. Our offices provide comprehensive psychological treatment. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans.

As an emotion, anger has both positive and negative consequences. From a positive perspective, anger can help us mobilize our energy when faced with critical life events. On the negative side, chronic anger has an impact on our health, increasing the potential of heart attacks as well as other serious health risks. There are a number of positive psychological techniques to help manage anger successfully. Our offices provide comprehensive psychological treatment. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans.

Although occasional arguing with your partner or child is not necessarily abnormal, persistent relationship and / or family tension can be concerning and may benefit from some level of psychological guidance. Ongoing relationship difficulties are usually the result of poor communication among the parties involved, but they can certainly develop in response to other stressors. Our offices provide comprehensive psychological treatment. We serve all ages and accept most major insurance plans.



The clinical / forensic practice provides a full range of psychological services which includes: psychological evaluations and follow up treatment of children, adolescents, and adults utilizing individual, marital and family therapy approaches.  Dr. Drozd serves as a psychological consultant in matters involving geriatric treatment. Additional specialties focus on treatment of generalized anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder as related to victims of line-of-duty death and injury, accidents, suicides, traumatic deaths, domestic violence and sexual assault.  Dr. Drozd provides forensic consultations in civil and criminal matters and has partnered with medical and psychiatric support services to provide onsite access to behavioral and primary health care for clients.  Dr. Drozd's practice follows an integrated healthcare model.  Finally, as an ordained clergyman,  Dr. Drozd provides biblically focused Christian counseling.  We accept most major insurances.  We also maintain an adjusted fee system for individuals who do not have insurance coverage or whose plan may consider our office as out-of-network.

Office hours are by appointment only.  For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please call (989) 292-4292.


"I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the administrative direction in organizing and developing appropriate services and providing leadership for the staff."

James J. Coleman, Ed.D., Director of Normalization and Treatment, Oakdale Center for Developmental Disabilities, Lapeer, MI. July 26, 1978


"The quantity of work done by Dr. Drozd is considerably above average.  The quality of work is consistently excellent.  My experience has been that any task can be assigned to George with the assurance that the outcome will be thorough, complete, definitively described and in a form that is readily usable."

Robert W. Brink, Ph.D., Director of Special Programs, Oakdale Center for Developmental Disabilities, Lapeer, MI, August 22, 1978


"George's teaching skills are well above average.  He maintains an excellent rapport with his students and always exhibits a good command of the course content.  His students typically rate his teaching content and style as 'excellent'.  He continues to impress me with both his professional and managerial expertise and overall application.'

David J. LaCourt, Ph.D., Mt Pleasant Center, Mt. Pleasant, MI, September 12, 1979


"George Drozd is one of the finest individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with in my twenty years of teaching.  We have collaborated on a number of research and programming projects.  He has the highest integrity and is extremely reliable.  He is not only very bright, but also hard working.  He is a credit to his profession."

Robert R. Zimmermann, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, CMU, Mt. Pleasant, MI, September 26, 1979


"I feel that George is a highly competent therapist and all around professional.  It seems to me that he has the ability, courage, and perseverance to tackle whatever is asked of him.  It is a pleasure to recommend him to you!"

Philip Snett, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, CMU, Mt. Pleasant, MI, June 8, 1982


"You may recall my writing to you in 9/81, thanking you for your outstanding service to this agency.  I am very pleased to be able to write you more than one year later with the same message.  Your clinical evaluations are consistently of top quality and received in our office in a very timely fashion.  We continue to recognize your exemplary work and our appreciation is great.  Thank you for a job well done."

Debbie Flynn, Medical Relations Coordinator, Michigan Department of Education Bureau of Rehabilitation, Disability Determination Service, Traverse City, MI, November 9, 1892


"We are much appreciative of the steps you have taken in coordinating, upgrading, and publicizing our Gladwin based Mental Health Services.  I believe that your leadership skills as well as your professional role modeling, have significantly improved both staff performance and community perceptions of our services.  We are most pleased with your accomplishments!"

Richard C. Jentsch, Ph.D., Executive Director, Midland-Gladwin Community Mental Health Services, Midland, MI October 5, 1984


"Dear Dr. Drozd, I take this opportunity to extend my appreciation of your psychological input in the cases before this bench.  Keep up the good work!"

Honorable Alexander T. Strange II, Probate Judge, 17th Judicial District, Clare and Gladwin Counties, October 15, 1984


"While our time of association has been brief, I have enjoyed your professionalism and positive approach to the assignments you received.  I am hopeful that there will be some opportunity to work together again in the future."

Donna H. Longton, Director of Admissions and Case Management, The Mt. Pleasant Center, Mt. Pleasant, MI, August 7, 1996


"George's empathy and compassion were frequently demonstrated in service to the clients and in his caring regard for others.  In my observations and experiences with Dr. Drozd I have found him to be a most intelligent, dedicated, kind and ethical man.  I am fortunate to have been the beneficiary of George's talents while he was my supervising psychologist.  I am pleased to recommend him highly."

Therese Czarski-Daly, Psy.D, West Chester, Pennsylvania, July 8, 1997


"Dear Dr. Drozd, I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak to the staff of Meridian Home Health Care.  The information you shared was very useful to all staff regardless of their level of patient care.  Your advice will help the staff as they become more involved with the spiritual care of our patients."

Lorrie McDuff, RN, Meridian Home Health Care, Mt. Pleasant, MI March 17, 2000


"Dr. Drozd, the operational guidelines for the Behavior Management and Human Rights Committee, which you developed are very eloquent and anything I am prepared to say during an inservice would be redundant.  However, I would be pleased to give 'Central Office reinforcement' if you wish, just let me know.  Great job!"

John P. Board, Medical Services Director, Michigan Department of Community Health, Lansing, MI, June 6, 2000


"I would like to officially appoint you as a member of the Management Team at the My. Pleasant Center.  You bring to the Management Team a wide variety base of knowledge and issues, and (you) will be able to actively participate in formulating top level administrative and management decisions / directives.  Thank you for taking the initiative to become an active member of the team and becoming a leader and role model for others to follow."

Kenneth T. Longton, Director, The Mt. Pleasant Center, Mt. Pleasant, MI, September 7, 2000

 "We concur with continuing order.  Thank you for a very comprehensive report."

Janet McCrea, NGRI Committee, Center for Forensic Psychiatry, Ypsilanti, MI, May 24, 2001

"Thank you for your psychological report.  This should assist us immensely in resolving this case"

Joseph Samuel Scorsone, Attorney-at-Law, Saginaw, MI, July 22, 2002

"Everything I've heard about your interactions, programs, etc., has been very positive.  Your services are experienced, compassionate and conscientious.  Thanks for hanging in there with us."

Val Bishop, COO, Northern Lakes Community Mental Health Services, Cadillac, MI, August 20, 2002


"I just want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your assistance.  The Assistant Prosecutor told me that you made a very good expert witness."

Gena Amos, Attorney-at-Law, Saginaw, MI, January 9, 2003


"Overall, George employs a comfortable lecture style complimented and organized by PowerPoint slides and punctuated by relatively frequent questions and / or comments by students.  Both George and his students seem relaxed and at ease discussing topics related to health psychology.  He is familiar with the material, both from the text and from his professional background / professional journals - he uses many clinical examples.  Overall, I am satisfied with Dr. Drozd's classroom performance and demeanor."

Chris Curtis, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Delta College, University Center, MI, January 14, 2004


"As a colleague of Dr. Drozd, I have gained a tremendous amount of respect for him over the last two years.  He is extremely efficient and organized and is able to meet the needs of consumers in a timely fashion.  Furthermore, psychological referrals, behavior programs, consultations, etc. are always handled promptly.  Dr. Drozd is accessible in situations that require immediate attention; he responds quickly and will assist in an appropriate manner.  Moreover, he provides needed guidance and direction in order to reach a prompt and positive solution to any situation."

Sherie DeLisle, BSW, SW Case Manager, NLCMHS, Houghton Lake, MI, January 12, 2005

"Thank you Dr. Drozd for your thorough reports to the court.  In reviewing them, I can see that you spend a comprehensive amount of time assessing the cases and consumers before this bench.  Keep up the good work!"

  The Honorable Kenneth Tacoma, Wexford County Probate and Family Court, Cadillac, MI, July 21, 2005

"Dr. Drozd, I wish to share my appreciation for the time you spent with us and the quality of your work.  Good luck in your future work!"

Greg Paffhouse, CEO, NLCMHS, Traverse City , MI, April 9, 2006

"We are most interested in bringing you aboard at Central New York Psychiatric Center as a psychologist primarily with the Sex Offender Treatment Program.  As such I hope that you remain interested in our offer."

 Dr. Timothy Potts, Ph.D., Chief of MH Treatment Services, Central NY Psychiatric Services, May 4, 2006

"I have found Dr. Drozd to be a warm, astute, ethical clinician with exceptional humanity and maturity."

Robert J. Lovinger, Ph.D., ABPP, 4 South Held Circle, Charleston, SC, September 18, 2006


"Dr. Drozd, we do seem to share a common treatment philosophy.  As you know, I believe that there may be opportunities for private practice here, and I can certainly make introductions.  Also I believe that we may be able to offer you additional incentive, though that must still be approved by the county legislature.  I am pleased to hear that you remain interested."

Robin Siegal, Ph.D., Director Albany County Correctional Program, Albany, NY, September 29, 2006


"Over the years training students, Dr. Drozd was an excellent field supervisor.  In addition, I have know some of his ex-clients and they have consistently demonstrated that he is an effective therapist."

Donald B. Beere, Ph.D, ABPP, Professor Emeritus, CMU, Mt. Pleasant, MI, November 10, 2006


"I am happy to offer you the position of Chief Operating Officer with our agency.  This decision was a tough one since many qualified people were considered.  However your enthusiasm, experience, and qualifications won out over the others.  I am confident that we made the right choice."

Scott Gilman, CEO, SCCMHA, Owosso, MI, March 6, 2007


"George, I want to thank you for an incredible job at pushing Utilization Management forward.  There isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful you are here.  I see great things ahead."

Scott Gilman, CEO, SCCMHA, Owosso, MI, March 11, 2008


"George, I just received very positive feedback about the (AMSR) training you conducted at Bay Arenac.  Thank you for all your hard work to provide this workshop.  It seems that the participants truly enjoyed your insight and method of presenting the material."

Megan Mathis, Training Assistant, Suicide Prevention Resource Center, EDC, 1000 Potomac St., Washington, DC, March 15, 2008


"Excellent role plays; gifted and experienced presenter; comprehensive discussion and a fabulous job!"

Maryam Syed, Certified Instructor, Crisis Prevention Institute, New London, WI, May 23, 2008


"Dr. Drozd has acclimated to his position as the COO well.  He has significantly raised the ethical and clinical standards and practices of our agency.  He has taken the initiative to provide leadership and direction on a variety of agency projects.  Some samples of successes within our agency include gaining the respect of the clinical staff, implementing new processes and procedures for Behavior Review, assuming responsibility for and significantly improving the operations of our medical records department and front desk staff, recruiting a new medical director and implementing true utilization management review systems.  Dr. Drozd has also gained certification as a Crisis Prevention Institute trainer and is providing this program to our agency staff.  He is a true administrative and clinical leader and a wonderful resource for our community.

Scott Gilman, CEO, SCCMHA, Owosso, MI, October 22, 2008


"George, thank you for your help and support for our ASIST training! I really respect your flexibility and dedication.

Tyanne Miskov, M.A., LLP, CAAC, Easter Seals, Waterford, MI, January 30, 2009


"I have known Dr. Drozd for 30 years, both professionally and personally.  I would rate him in the top one percent of all the psychologists I have known during my 30 years of practice.  He is a great asset in any position o work environment."

Hung K. Nguyen, Ph.D., Troy, MI March 6, 2009


"Dr. Drozd is an excellent trainer.  He understands and presents topics well.  His unique combination of professionalism and wit, draw people in his class to him.  I look forward to attending his classes in the future."

Joan P. Durling, SST, CCW, SCCMHA, Owosso, MI, September 30, 2009


"George, thank you for being a good mentor, teacher and friend."

Sharon Strouse, M.A., CSM, SCCMHA, Owosso, MI, September 30, 2009


"Hi Dr. Drozd, I just wanted to update you on my conversation with Kristy at Bay Shores Long Term and Rehabilitation Center, Bay City, Michigan.  They are VERY HAPPY with your work.  Thanks for all your hard work."

Sabine Dettlinger, Senior Wellness Group, Royal Oak, MI, October 22, 2009


"Dr. Drozd, I want to thank you for all your guidance and assistance in helping us define and establish our new behavior management program. The social workers are well on their way to delivering a new and improved system of identifying and managing behaviors. Thank you very much for your service.  It's been a pleasure working with you."

Mary Jo Gibbons, Administrator, MidMichigan Gladwin Pines, Gladwin, Michigan April 29, 2010

“Dr. Drozd inspired my admiration for his expressed values of excellent patient care and his commitment to the human spirit.  He has shown persistence regarding topnotch ethical, moral and legal principles while keeping in mind the best for each patient in difficult clinical situations.  He continues to remain one of the clinicians to whom I look to for professional guidance.”

Dr. Razvan Adam, MD, MRA Psychiatrics, PC, Alma, Michigan, July 18, 2010

“First, let me say again how much I appreciate your opinions and feedback. I value your experience. You have been such a great asset! You’re doing a great job and I am very pleased. Thank you for everything!”

Brad Messenger, LLMSW, Clinton County Medical Center, PC, St. Johns, Michigan, August 19, 2010


“Dr. Drozd, you are a very active trainer. We have had nothing but positive responses from your facilitation of the AMSR workshop. I greatly appreciate all of the work that you do for the AMSR training program.”

Isaiah R. Branton AMSR Training Coordinator Suicide Prevention Resource Center Training Institute Education Development Center, Inc. 1025 Thomas Jefferson Street NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20007 October 5, 2010

“Hi Dr. Drozd – thanks again for making the trip to the Sault for the AMSR training.  All of the evaluations were excellent and some asked to bring you back!”

Karen Senkus, LBSW, CPS-M Prevention Coordinator SHACC Coordinator Chippewa County Health Department Sault Ste. Marie, MI


"A wonderful person to talk to; always positive yet to the point.  I always felt better when leaving yet could not wait till the next appointment.  I would recommend his services to anyone that has had a loss and is grieving."

 "Cheerful" January 17, 2012

Dr. Drozd, how much richer my life has been since knowing you. You have blessed me and this community beyond measure. May God continue to guide you and touch others through you!

Sheila Gardens, September 18, 2014

"You are the greatest and I appreciate everything you have done for me."

DC September 20, 2015