Votive Masses for family, friends and special intentions are offered in the Pastoral Center Chapel on a weekly basis by Archbishop George.  Mass intentions are invited and can be sent by email to hisgracegjd@hotmail.com or by calling the Pastoral Center office at (989) 292-4292.  Commemorative signed prayer and Mass gift cards are available.  A free will offering for this service is requested. Donations can be processed via the donation button on the home page of our website.


The Divine Mercy Parish Church is currently undergoing several restoration projects.  As our church building is 120 years of age, repair is almost a continuous effort.  With the past winter, damage to the exterior has been extensive, and we have been working to address these concerns.  The winter ice has damaged some of our gutter system, and has eroded a number of bricks and produced some roof damage.  Over the past months, we have been gradually repairing these and addressing interior needs as well.  Our church building is on the National Registry of Historic sites.  Our beautiful stained glass windows are on a National registry of historic glass works. We are currently soliciting interested individuals to consider donating toward this restoration project.  We are not defining the amount of a donation and will gratefully accept any and all free will offerings.  Donations can be made via our home page Donation Button.  You will need to establish a Paypall account to utilize this option.  Donations also can be sent directly to the Divine Mercy Pastoral Center.  Checks should be made out to COS, which is our nonprofit foundation overseeing the restoration efforts.  All benefactors will receive a personal acknowledgement of their donation and their intentions will be added to our weekly Mass and prayer lists.  Please consider participating in this worthy project!

Please visit our Church Store Pages for items, which are available for sale.  Monies generated from these sales are dedicated to the building and restoration fund.


From left to right, Michelle Drolett, Griffin Drolett, Archbishop George J. Drozd, Austin Drolett, Dan Drolett, and Austin's sponsor, Tom on the day of Austin's Confirmation, October 16, 2016.

chapel 2015 002
chapel 2015 004

These are pictures of our Pastoral Center Chapel, which is dedicated to the Divine Mercy. Masses are routinely celebrated here by Archbishop George.   

bishop G 004

Archbishop George presiding over the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Pastoral Center Chapel.  He is wearing his Pallium, which signifies his primatial authority over the  the Old Catholic Archdiocese of Michigan and Oregon. 


Homemade Biscotti (pistachio-cranberry; double chocolate nut; peanutty peanut butter; blueberry-walnut; gingerbread-pecan).  Homemade Scones ( Blueberry-cherry; cranberry nut; pumpkin nut; chocolate chip). Homemade Bar cookies (Lemon Bars; Pumpkin Pie Bars; Salted Peanut Bars) Cookies/Bars/Scones made fresh when order is placed. $15.00 per dozen plus shipping and handling. Call to place order by Tuesday of each week items will be made fresh and shipped or ready for pick-up by Friday. Call Pastoral Center Office (989) 292-4292, or access our Parish Store link.  All funds collected will be used for upkeep of Pastoral Center assistance, educational programs and counseling services.


Homemade Polish pierogi made fresh with each order.  Potato-cheese; Saurkraut or Mushroom filled.  Available now at $22.00 per dozen (plus S&H) available for pick up or shipping in the Continental US. Access our Parish Store link to order or call to place your order and arrange for pick up or shipping (989) 292-4292. Sales proceeds to be used for Church upkeep and programs.