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The exterior of our beautiful historic church, located on the corner of Walker and Mead Streets in St. Johns, Michigan.  The church building is constructed in the form of a cross.  This is typically referred to as a Basilica style.  

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This is our Divine Mercy Pastoral Center located adjacent to our church.  The Pastoral Center houses our business offices as well as our Pastoral Center Chapel dedicated to the Divine Mercy.

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Archbishop George celebrating the Tridentine Latin Mass at the Main Altar of the Parish Sanctuary.

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This is a view of the back of our church as seen from the sanctuary.

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This is an interior view of our sanctuary and church taken from the main altar area.

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This was taken on September 18, 2011, during the re-consecration of our church by Archbishop George.  He is being assisted in this endeavor by Reverend Mother Linda.

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This is our historic pipe organ, which was installed in this church in 1913.  It is configured for our worship space and continues to function as a beautiful instrument in our praise of God.

The Divine Mercy Parish, Retreat and Counseling Center 

Cathedral Church and See of the Old Catholic Archdiocese 

of Michigan and Oregon 

400 E. Walker Street

St. Johns, Michigan 48879

(989) 292-4292

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Sunday Mass at 10:30 AM is celebrated in the main Church sanctuary.  Mass is typically celebrated in English.  Mass in the Polish and Latin languages in offered at regular times.  Please consult our Church calendar link for more information.

Christ Centered, Biblically Focused: Orthodox in Faith, Charismatic in Worship, Charitable in Practice.

The first and foremost objective and aim of this Church is the salvation and sanctification of its people.  A person is sanctified when he/she follows the guidance of the Church and uses the spiritual means which the Church receives from God through Jesus Christ our Lord, "for there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" (1 Timothy 2:5). 

This Church is a voluntary union of those who recognize the religious principles of this Church as the norms and rules of their lives.  This Church teaches and professes all of the religious truths which God revealed, Jesus proclaimed, and the Apostles and their successors established as the foundation of the Christian Catholic Faith.  We declare our belief in the necessity of the government of the Church by Apostolic Succession.

The religious principle of this Church is the teaching that the Church cannot save a person without his/her sincere, personal cooperation with God.  This Church teaches that the wisdom of God sanctifies and helps humanity in the fulfillment of its mission and the attainment of its goal on earth.  A living faith in God and good works flowing from that faith will save human kind.  The Church of Christ leads us to know the Truth and to salvation.

The most important objective of this Church, as the Catholic Church of Christ, is to maintain, enrich and develop the life of God in the soul of its people.  To help persons know God and His holy Being so that from this knowledge and understanding may flow blessings, light, love, strength and inner satisfaction which no individual or thing can give, except God.

By divine imperative the sacred mission of this Church is to carry the light of Jesus Christ before the people, constantly reminding them that their aim is to live in the spirit of God, in truth, love and righteousness, seeking the truth by reading and studying the Holy Scriptures with the aid of the accumulated wisdom of the ages.

The most fervent desire and prayer of this Church is to emulate Jesus Christ in fulfilling obligations toward God, family, nation and society.  This Church's ideal and dream is to build for its people and all others united with them a hearth around which they can rally, warm and strengthen themselves in their religious belief.

The principles of this Church are an expression of the convictions of those who believe that the salvation of mankind and their personal relationship to God cannot be the object of bargaining and cannot be forced upon mankind but must flow from the free conscience of the individual.

The Divine Mercy Parish is part of the Old Catholic Church, which is very much a part of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic faith referenced in the Nicene Creed.  The Old Catholic Church is One, as its member communities believe in the One Triune God and in Jesus Christ, Who is the Head of the Church.  It is Holy because its Founder, our Lord Jesus Christ is Holy.  Furthermore, its mission, the salvation of humankind is Holy, achieved through the Sacraments, which are Holy institutions are founded in the Apostolic traditions.

Following the First Vatican Council in 1870, a considerable dissent arose among Catholics, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, over the dogma of papal infallibility.  These dissenters, while holding the Church in General Council to be infallible, could not accept the proposition that the Pope, acting alone, in matters of faith and morals is infallible.  As a result, many formed independent communities that came to be known as Old Catholic.  They are called Old Catholic because they sought to adhere to the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church reflected in the post-Apostolic era, that is, the first two centuries of the early Church.  The Old Catholic communities came under the authority of the Archbishop of Utrecht who consecrated their first bishops.  

The Divine Mercy Parish Church building is a historic site on the National Registry.  It was built in 1894 to replace a wooden structure built in 1867.  The beautiful leaded stained glass windows are also on the National Registry of Stained Glass.  The interior of this church building is in original condition and our efforts have been toward faithfully restoring and maintaining this beautiful gift!  Please think about the potential of donating your time, talent and treasure toward this continual effort. 



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